Welcome to the Y chromosome tree of horses.

Getting curious? A few tips before getting started

  • When you click one coloured bubbles in the tree, which are the haplogroups, you will get a brief explanation of the haplogroup and a list of horses in that haplogroup. Horse information includes breed, country of origin, one close and one distant paternal ancestor in the male tale line of the studied horse.
  • If you know the haplogroup of your horse you can directly find out where it is located in the tree by using search field. You will also see properties of all horses which are placed in that haplogroup.
  • You can also search for breed, country, or sire information. In the resulting table you will get the related information for your search and you can click again in the table, to jump into the tree.
  • You can even sort the table based on the feature in the header. You can use the Hide Crown button in the top if more interested in autochthonous breeds and you don't need the huge crown information.
  • One last thing - Haplogroups with a *-label are yet uncompleted in terms of their private variants. So visit us soon again, maybe they are resolved then.


It is built from haplogroups we defined in horses based on sequence variants on the Y chromosome. The haplogroups which are carried by present horses are shown as coloured bubbles at the tip of the branches. The hierarchical structure represents the reconstructed relationship between haplogroups back in time.

Structure of the tree

The root of the tree is on the top. This node represents the most common ancestor of all haplogroups we detect in horses and after this it splitter into the Y lineages we find in the Przewalski horses and in a diverse Haplogroup that contains all domestic horses. When we dive into domestic horses we see many different haplogroups with a successive branching points. Remarkably, most today's male horses are located in the crown haplogroup. The ancestor of this haplogroup lived approximately 1500 years ago and was of Oriental origin.

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